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November 23, 2011


idk if anyone out there knows who 1D is… if you do then you are welcome to keep reading but you don’t have to. if you don’t know who they are i suggest you do keep reading.

there is a tv show called X factor. it is a show that offers singing talent opportunities. the show started off in london and is now also a show in the us.

one direction came from the uk. 5 totally different boys trying out for x factor. after they all got voted off they each got a personal call from their mentor that they could come back if they worked together. they all agreed that they should and after not knowing each other now there is alot of bromance going on… they love eachother like brothers now because it has infact been two years.

the first boy, my personal fav. Harry Styles!! (<3) he will be turning 18 on February 1st 2012. he is semi tall with long curly hair. he is normally the main singer singing in the songs, which i am perfectly ok with.

the second one, is julia’s fav. Niall Horan. he is an irish guy with the cutest crooked teeth and blonde hair. i could never tell if it is natural or not but… he doesnt get too many solos but when he does he is amazing at it 😉

the third is allegras fav. Louis Tomilson (NOT THOMLINSON). he is the oldest of the group. he is 20 (i think) and has cute brown hair that he obsesses over. louis and harry get along some say too well. they act like they’ve known each other forever. which i think is really cutE ❤ ❤ ❤

the fourth is lauras fav. Liam Payne. and i know what your thinking, it is not the liam that belongs to this… thing. liam has longish curly hair. it is brown and im pretty sure he highlights it… idk. he tried out for xfactor 2 years earlier and had been sent home because Simon Cowell thought he was too young to be in that sort of competition. he infact came back 2 years later and he did so well that he came in 3rd with his new best friends

the last but maybe least, Zayne Malik. we dont really like him… the guys can have him. anyway… i dont really want to talk about him…

ok well that leaves you looking up pics of them and adding them all to your phone screen saver and ya!!!