History of the Kleek

On Wednesday June 15th 2011, the Kleek had our first walk home together. It was totally hilarious with cucumbers and annoying people on bikes. But I should probably back up a bit and tell you how the Kleek was formed.

Earlier that day, our teacher pulled me, Vic, Julia, Shawn, and Liam outside our class. She said she thought we were becoming a clique. We totally disagreed, but we thought ‘hey, why not?’. So that’s how the Kleek was formed. Laura wasn’t there that day, but she was an instant inclusion. So as much as we hated our old teacher, we’ve got to thank her for helping us become such good friends.

Luv Allegra

About the Kleek members

Laura: She dives, makes jewelry, and is really indecisive. She also plays the flute and the oboe.

Vic: She loves ponies, Harry Styles, and cleaning. She can play the flute and the piano.

Julia: She plays volleyball, sings, and walks to school almost every day. She also plays the trumpet, violin, and piano.

Allegra: She dances, loves Starbucks Lattes, and has a fat rabbit. She plays the violin and the saxophone.

No information on the guys is available at the moment.

4 Comments to “About”

  1. the whole kleek is pwnage

  2. hey
    how come ur name is laura?

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