August 12, 2011

Being totally and completely bored out of your mind

Have you ever been totally and completely bored out of your mind? Well I have. Guess when? Now!!! Yuperdoodle! I’m on a train, and personally, there’s only three things more boring than being on a train ALONE with no one you know.

1: Watching Golf
2: Justin Bieber
3: Lectures about Kiwis

Kiwis aren’t that interesting, and some people seem to forget that. That’s right I said it. I went there. Oh yeah.

So as you see, I’m getting really antsy, so I’m writing the oddest things. Plus I’m singing Britney Spears really quietly.

Wow I’m a nutball. (LOL)

Well I’m off. Gonna try to sleep maybe…

Chow ūüėČ


August 9, 2011

waiting in anticipatoin

IT’S TORTURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
if u have ever done this u know how anoying it is whell try not telling anyone. yup not a single soul. well other than us and like 2 other people.other then that NOONE.allegra wants to explode. like a bomb. maybe a grenade? but of course we all kno that bomb will have to have humungo earrings!so we shal try to stay sane.

August 6, 2011

Super funny vid

August 5, 2011


allegra and julia

ok… why would you guys ever want to blend in with the “others”?? ok, if they call us nerds (which they dont) that makes them idiots. being gifted is passing a stupid test, not having an 100 average. just ¬†because we are in different classes or whatever just means we are at different levels. just because their parents cant afford to pay $400 or they¬†aren’t¬†offered it by the school doesnt make us different from them. and their is no “us” and “them”. ¬†sorry this probably came out the wrong way. i was getting my anger out.

love vic

August 5, 2011


we think that at our school, which is a school with both regular and gifted kids, that we could make more of an attempt to blend with them. it is really simple and could start with smiling at someone or simply saying hey. there’s definitely a barrier between us and the regular classes, and we think it would be a great accomplishment if we could break that barrier. if we can break that barrier, then we are one step closer to showing people that gifted kids aren’t just the stereotypical “nerd”. please post a reply, because we’d love to hear your opinion on this idea. (:


Jellybean & Allegra

July 28, 2011

we r awesome

allegra and laura r SOOPER DOOPER HYPER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!